VERTISA dual shaft or four shaft shredders are developed so to capable to shred all kinds of medical waste containing very hard materials like surgical stainless steel instruments and hard ceramics.

The shredder, controlled by the PLC, changes rotation direction due to the “anti blocking” capability that prevents the blades to get jammed. VERTISA shredders are driven by electric power unit with planetary reducers. The thickness of the cutting disks are between 15,3 mm and 60 mm which can be changed according to the required output sizes and waste types. Throughput sizes can be adjustable by changeable screens.

Vertisa R&D department custom designs shredders for a wide range of applications in the waste industry. Special solutions are developed “in house” for shredding all kinds waste and of paper, cardboard packaging, cardboard tubes, hard drives, electronics, CD’s & DVD’s, industrial waste, hazardous waste, radioactive materials, organics, tires, steel drums and etc.


Automatic elevator option
Platfrom with safety bars option
Motor controled by driver (Inverter)
Auto Revers function prevets clogging
Manual control of shredder via user interface
Motor integrated with gearbox (reductor)
Electrical panel vith color Touchsreen / User interface
Emergency stop buttons
High torque, low speed design for efficient shredding
Cutter disc design for maximum use life
Bulk feed capacity
Heavy duty high torque bearing, running in oil bath
Variable speed optimization for low energy consumption
Special cutter disk design for high efficiency & useful life
Cleaning fingers keep shredded material from clogging the cutting chamber.
Integrated Conveyor belt for unloading option


Medical waste,
Industrial waste,
All kinds of paper, cardboard packaging,
Hard drives, electronics, CD’s & DVD’s,
Steel drums,
Packaging material


TECHNICAL DATAVD 15VD 30VD 44VD 60VD 110VQ 30VQ 44VQ 60VQ 88VQ 120VQ 220
Number of Shafts
Driving PowerkW1 X 152 X 152 X 222 X 302 X 554 X 7.54 X 114 X 154 X 224 X 304 X 55
Ram Feeder PowerkW5
Number of Cutter Disks1830304252525252526666
Cutter Disk Thichnessmm2424243044242430303550
Shaft Diametermm858585120160130130130130150190
Cutting Chambermm505 x 507505 x 607505 x 607875 x 1100875 x 1350840 x 910840 x 9101000 x 12101000 x 12101100 x 13001400 x 1610
Hopper Openingmm1300 x 13001600 x 16001800 x 18002000 x 20002300 x 28502000 x 21002000 x 21002100 x 23002100 x 23002200 x 25002400 x 2700
Shaft Speedrpm20-3520-3520-3520-3520-3520-3520-3520-3520-3520-3520-35