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Medical Waste Sterilization

Vertisa Environmental Technologies Ltd. is a young and dynamic company which has been formed with individuals who have vast experience in the Medical Waste Sterilization business.

Vertisa develops complete medical waste sterilization related solutions for hospitals, clinics and industrial size medical waste treatment facilities in general.

By utilizing ourВ know-how gained from 20 year experience in the medical waste sterilization field,В we provide equipment that is adapted to the specific needs of the industry,В that could only be developed by a sterilization expert.

Our company operates under ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 quality standards, and our products are produced according to European Union Directives like PED (2014/68/EU), 2006/42/EC, 2014/30/EU and European Union Norms like EN285.


Our brand PROMED is one of the most widely used solutions around the globe for the sterilization and decreasing of volume of waste originating from healthcare facilities.
PROMED is the most innovative model in the field of “medical waste treatment and disposal” serving for more than 150 clients in more than 35 countries around the world. Promed Pre- Shredding and Post- Shredding Sterilization Systems have been designed by our Research and Development department engineers using our vast experience in this field.

Vertisa Research and Development Programme

We continually invest in an on-going Research and Development programme, to extend the areas of application for our sterilization technology and to ensure that our customers are able to extract the maximum value from our products, whilst contributing to their environmental targets.
We support our customers through the complete cradle to grave lifecycle management of the waste sterilization plant, from the initial testing of the material at Vertisa’s test facility, through design and supply to the physical on-site installation of a full commercial plant and subsequent technical and managerial support and service.
At Vertisa, we are passionate about viewing these challenging wastes as a resource while ensuring the waste sterilization process is as efficient and sustainable as possible.

Bio Medical - Infectious Waste Sterilization

Medical wastes are among hazardous wastes generated by healthcare institutions like hospitals, clinics, laboratories, health research facilities and their disposal requires special methods prior to land filling. Bio-Medical wastes are divided into infected and non-infected wastes and the infected wastes require treatment. Incineration is one of the oldest methods for treatment of medical wastes, but their usage have faced wide objections due to emission of hazardous gases such as CO2 and CO as well as Carcinogenic gases such as Dioxins and Furans which are generated as a result of incomplete combustion of compositions like PVCs.  Autoclave is one the newest methods of medical wastes treatment which works based on wet disinfection.

Autoclaves are closed chambers that apply heat, pressure and steam, over a period of time to sterilize medical equipment.  For medical waste that will be disposed of, autoclaves are used as heat treatment processing units to destroy microorganisms before disposal in a traditional landfill or further treatment. Autoclaves are a batch process, not a continuous one. Autoclaves are “chemical free” and that appeals to many stakeholders in a complex waste management environment.