According to the COMMUNIQUE FOR WASTE TRANSPORTATION IN ROADS Except for the medical waste transport vehicle, there is a “Waste Transport Vehicle” with a vertical height of at least 20 cm on the sides and back of the transport vehicle chassis or tanker.

The outer surfaces of the medical waste transport vehicles are orange color, with the appropriate size to be seen on the right, left and rear surfaces and in black colored “International Biohazard” emblem and in black letters “ATTENTION! MEDICAL WASTE” must be found.

Our medical waste transportation vehicles are manufactured in accordance with the Communiqué on the Transport of Waste on the Highways.

Features of our Medical Waste Transport Vehicles

  • The waste bin of medical waste trucks is designed to be robust, durable and leakproof.
  • There is a lock on the covers of medical waste casings.
  • The rear and side shields of the medical waste truck are available.
  • The transport part is made of stainless steel material with smooth surface which can be easily cleaned and disinfected.
  • In the design, which prevents the accumulation of fluid in the conveying section, the intersecting surfaces are joined together with soft turns so that they do not have vertical corners.
  • In accordance with the regulation, there is absolutely no compression mechanism in the transport section of medical waste trucks.

There is a safe distance between the waste transport section (medical waste container) and the driver’s site.(It is available in the manufacture of vehicles to prevent possible collision at the time of accident.)

There is an appropriate size and black color “International Biohazard” emblem visible on the right, left and back surfaces and “CAUTION MEDICAL WASTE” written in black letters.

The whole vehicle (including the case and cup) is “ORANGE” color.

Medical waste transport vans used by hospitals and health centers have specially produced cranes and hydraulic systems.

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