Promed P150: Environmentally Friendly Medical Waste Sterilization

Promed P150: Environmentally Friendly Medical Waste Sterilization by VERTISA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

VERTISA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION, a pioneer in effective medical waste management, introduces a groundbreaking solution with PROMED P150. Manufactured with VERTISA’s engineering expertise and environmentally friendly commitments, PROMED P150 stands out as a unique solution in the industry.

Advanced microwave-induced sterilization technology makes PROMED P150 an efficient and fast solution. This technology, designed specifically for the needs of healthcare facilities, effectively eliminates microbes while providing an environmentally friendly approach.

The control systems specially developed by VERTISA for PROMED P150 intelligently manage the sterilization process. This not only ensures ease of use for operators but also allows them to achieve consistently reliable results.

The environmentally friendly design makes PROMED P150 a solution that operates with minimal impact on the environment through sustainable sterilization processes and low energy consumption. Operating without the need for water consumption, this system contributes to the conservation of natural resources.

PROMED P150, as a combination of VERTISA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION’s engineering expertise and environmentally friendly approach, offers modern and effective medical waste management to healthcare institutions. With microwave technology, advanced control systems, and an environmentally friendly design, PROMED P150 reinforces its leadership in medical waste sterilization within the industry.

Unique Features and Benefits of PROMED P150

Medical waste management, an indispensable challenge in the healthcare sector, undergoes a significant transformation with PROMED P150, manufactured by VERTISA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION. The unique features and benefits of PROMED P150 provide healthcare institutions with an environmentally friendly, fast, and effective medical waste sterilization solution.

  1. Microwave-Induced Sterilization Technology: PROMED P150 adopts microwave-induced sterilization technology, surpassing traditional sterilization methods. This technology utilizes microwave energy to sterilize medical waste quickly and efficiently, resulting in shorter processing times and lower energy consumption.
  2. Advanced PLC Control System: Equipped with an advanced PLC control system, PROMED P150 manages the sterilization process step by step. This system provides ease of use for operators and contributes to consistently reliable results. Operators can easily monitor and control the sterilization process through its user-friendly interface.
  3. Environmentally Friendly Design and Energy Efficiency: PROMED P150 stands out with its environmentally friendly design and low energy consumption. Operating without the need for water consumption contributes to the preservation of water resources, while energy efficiency reduces operational costs. This eco-friendly approach offers healthcare institutions a sustainable medical waste management solution.
  4. High Capacity and Fast Operation: With a capacity range of 33-70 kg/hour, PROMED P150 is an ideal solution for clinics and small hospitals. Fast processing times ensure effective medical waste management without disrupting operational efficiency and daily routines.
  5. Integrated Control and Monitoring Software: PROMED P150 is equipped with advanced control and monitoring software. This feature provides healthcare institutions with the opportunity to manage their operations more effectively through remote access and automatic reporting.

The unique features and various benefits provided by PROMED P150 offer healthcare institutions a modern, environmentally friendly, and reliable medical waste sterilization solution. These features reflect VERTISA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION’s commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility.

Sterilization Process: Step-by-Step Explanation

PROMED P150 introduces a groundbreaking solution in medical waste sterilization, applying a unique sterilization process step by step to achieve this impressive result. Here is a detailed description of PROMED P150’s sterilization process:

  1. Loading: The sterilization process begins as the operator automatically opens the top lid. After placing the waste in the loading chamber, the top lid closes, initiating the shredding process. Shredding the medical waste is the first crucial step in the process.
  2. Shredding/Microwave: During the shredding process, specially designed microwave technology comes into play. The shredder, managed by an advanced PLC control system, includes “anti-block” featured blades that effectively grind tough materials. This stage allows the processing of medical waste with microwave energy.
  3. Heating/Sterilization: After completing the microwave process, the sterilization process commences. Saturated steam is injected into the upper and lower chambers to provide a homogeneous temperature. Under programmable temperature and pressure conditions, the medical waste and the interior of the sterilizer are maintained at 134°C – 148°C for 10 – 20 minutes, ensuring effective sterilization.
  4. Cooling and Emptying: Once sterilization is complete, the temperature inside the sterilizer is lowered by spraying cool water onto the double-walled process chamber. Condensed water is safely drained into the wastewater system. Any remaining steam is expelled through a vacuum pump.
  5. Emptying: After ensuring safe operating conditions, a digital signal is sent to the operator, and the bottom door opens automatically to discharge sterilized waste. The waste is emptied into a sealed container provided with each sterilizer. When the emptying process is complete, the bottom door automatically closes, and PROMED P150 proceeds to the next sterilization cycle.

This step-by-step explanation clearly illustrates how PROMED P150 takes a leading role in medical waste sterilization. Microwave technology, advanced control systems, and environmentally friendly design provide healthcare institutions with an effective and reliable sterilization solution.

Conclusion: VERTISA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION and PROMED P150 – Leaders in Transformation in the Healthcare Sector

VERTISA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION, by combining its excellence in the healthcare sector with groundbreaking solutions like PROMED P150, emerges as a pioneer in the transformation of medical waste management. PROMED P150, with its environmentally friendly design, advanced technology, and high performance, seamlessly meets the needs of healthcare institutions.

Microwave-induced sterilization technology is a key feature that forms the foundation of PROMED P150. This technology provides a fast and reliable solution by effectively sterilizing medical waste. The advanced PLC control system manages the sterilization process step by step, providing ease for operators and emphasizing sustainability through its environmentally friendly design.

Designed in accordance with VERTISA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION’s environmental responsibilities, PROMED P150 serves the purpose of conserving natural resources by operating without the need for water consumption. Simultaneously, it reduces costs with low energy consumption and enhances operational efficiency for healthcare institutions with its high capacity.

The impact left by this solution in the healthcare sector goes beyond effective medical waste management. It is also a pioneer in promoting environmental sustainability in line with VERTISA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION’s commitments, setting the standards for the future of the healthcare sector.

In conclusion, shaped by VERTISA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION’s engineering expertise and environmentally friendly approach, PROMED P150 represents a transformative solution in the healthcare sector. This solution will continue to lead the industry by providing healthcare institutions with a reliable, effective, and environmentally friendly medical waste management.

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